AI Powered Pandemic Response

COVID-19 Response Solutions

Now more than ever, we are aligned to our mission of enabling high quality and affordable diagnoses across the world. We are committed to providing healthcare providers with all the support to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our solutions have been adapted to this unprecedented and changing environment, we are pitching in with

  • COVID-19 progression monitoring tool – qXR
  • Pandemic Response Care Platform – qScout
  • Technical and operations teams available round the clock to assist you

See below how COVID-19 first responders can benefit from our tools

qXR Use Cases for COVID-19

Progression Monitoring

Progression Monitoring

  • Monitor progression of infected patients via daily bedside chest x-rays
  • Automated overread in seconds without burdening the radiology team
  • Estimates percentage area of the lung and tracks change with each chest X-ray
covid cxr sample

Chest X-Ray screening for COVID-19

  • Screen chest X-rays for COVID-19 signs
  • Detects ground glass opacities and consolidation indicative of COVID-19
  • Lesion localisation in lung parenchyma with COVID-19 risk and affected area estimate


qScout-EMR used for contact registration and tracing

qScout-EMR used for contact registration and tracing

  • Platform agnostic: Can be accessed from any mobile or laptop
  • Register confirmed cases of COVID-19
  • Add linked contacts who might be at risk
  • Connects with qScout-Monitor for daily symptom check of contacts
  • Alerts about contacts converting to COVID-19 Presumptives

qScout-Monitor used to monitor contacts

qScout-Monitor chatbot for virtual triage of COVID-19 contacts

  • Can connect with a web-based chatbot or popular messaging platforms
  • Daily check in with contacts to monitor development of symptoms
  • Connects with qScout-EMR to notify contacts showing symptoms
  • Configurable triage and monitoring algorithm

qScout-Dash Centralised dashboard

qScout-Dash Centralised dashboard

  • Collates information from qScout-EMR and qScout-Monitor
  • Real-time insights on qScout platform data
  • Map hotspots for COVID-19
  • Designed for epidemiological response

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