AI for Ultrasound

Enhanced care for cardiovascular diseases (Stroke, Heart attack, etc) through AI-based early detection, characterization, and monitoring of atherosclerosis.

Guided image acquisition

Guided probe navigation, optimized device settings, image quality tracking, and image auto-capture.

Automated image interpretation

Plaque detection, plaque characterization, stenosis grading, IMT measurement, GSM measurement and carotid report generation.

Progression monitoring

Monitoring treatment-induced changes in plaque characteristics and stenosis for asymptomatic and symptomatic patients.

CVD risk prediction

Dynamic CVD risk estimation based on changing plaque and stenosis characteristics.

Can be deployed on-cloud or on-premises

On-device integration available

Standalone app available

*qVH is not FDA approved/CE marked yet and is currently meant for investigational or research use only


POqUS can improve the efficiency and accuracy of various clinical use-cases such as post-stroke/TIA carotid screening, pre-surgery carotid screening to identify the risk of preoperative stroke (Ex: CABG), screening & treatment of asymptomatic individuals with atherosclerotic plaques, and clinical trials of drugs that manage/reverse atherosclerosis.

Product Capability

qVH automates multiple tasks in the carotid ultrasound scanning and reporting workflow. Thereby, it reduces the turnaround time and can reduce the chances of errors during a carotid duplex study.

Wide variations are observed in performing carotid duplex ultrasonography and interpretation of the findings. Introduction of automation, image guidance and AI are needed to improve the quality, reliability and reproducibility of ultrasound scans for evaluating and monitoring atherosclerotic disease. 

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