How we can help you

Radiological imaging is the first line of diagnosis. At Qure.ai we don't just focus on making the most accurate AI Algorithm but also focus on how this would be deployed in different scenarios. We focus on 5 gaps in the cascade which will help you provided better healthcare facilities. Each of our product is customised to the fit your needs and requirements. We enabling high quality and affordable diagnoses across the world with our technical and operations teams available round the clock to assist you. AI Interventions at all stages of patient journey to eradicate TB and COVID-19

GAP 1- Case Finding

Door-to-door case finding – qTrack

Active and Intensified Case Finding – qXR + qTrack

Hotspot mapping – qScout + qTrack

GAP 2- Reduced TAT for Diagnosis search

Instant CXR screening results using – qXR

Same day confirmation and tagged CB-NAAT results – qXR + qTrack

AI enabled Sputum pooling – qXR + qTrack

GAP 3- Linking to care & treatment search

Biometric linked patient records – qTrack

End-to-End TB workflow – qTrack

Patient tracking – qTrack

SMS notifications – qScout

GAP 4- Retaining cases in the care pathways search

LTBI Case follow up – qScout

LTBI to Active conversion – qXR

Medication adherence – qScout

Dropout notification – qScout + qTrack

GAP 5- Increasing post treatment survival search

Post treatment follow up – qScout

Evaluation of TB sequelae – qXR

Chest X-Ray screening for Tuberculosis

  • Screen chest X-rays for Tuberculosis signs
  • Abnormal area marked out by qXR
  • Detect nodules from CXRs with 17% higher sensitivity as compared to radiologists
  • Identifying more cases of TB

Chest X-Ray screening for COVID-19

  • Screen chest X-rays for COVID-19 signs
  • Detects ground glass opacities and consolidation indicative of COVID-19
  • Lesion localisation in lung parenchyma with COVID-19 risk and affected area estimate

COVID-19 Progression Monitoring

  • Monitor progression of infected patients via daily bedside chest x-rays
  • Automated over-read in seconds without burdening the radiology team
  • Estimates percentage area of the lung and tracks change with each chest X-ray

TB case monitoring

qXR can analyse multiple scans from the same patient sequentially and create a progression report to detect changes in lesions over time.

Reduce Turnaround Time

  • Reducing time to diagnosis thereby helping in eradicating TB more strongly
  • Reducing worklist – only AI screened negative cases are fully automatically reported
  • Nearly10% of AI screened positive cases can also be reported automatically
  • Reducing turn around time by 97% for critical cases
  • Flexibility in selecting configuration helps in optimizing for your work flows

Cost Advantage

  • Saves ~ 1000 USD cost in terms of cheaper and quicker diagnosis. Also saves cost of late diagnosis
  • Reducing cost of overall program by reducing Xpert usage

Offline Deployment

  • Ability to deploy remotely for cloud based deployments
  • In areas without internet access, can be deployed with compact and portable offline servers

Multilingual support

  • Annotated image outputs in 4 languages (English, Spanish, French, Portuguese)
  • Refined outlines demarcating the exact lesion size

Drop us a line at partner@qure.ai to know how we can set up qXR in your Active Case Finding workflow