Published 13 Nov 2023

Navigating the Future of Breast Cancer Screening with AI Integration



Navigating the Future of Breast Cancer Screening with AI Integration  
Breast cancer remains a formidable challenge within the realm of women’s health, consistently ranking as a leading cause of cancer-related mortality globally. The World Health Organization’s statistics from 2020 underscore the prevalence of this disease, with over 2.3 million new diagnoses reported annually. Yet, there exists a beacon of hope; early-stage detection yields a 5-year relative survival rate of 99%, showcasing the paramount importance of timely and accurate screening.  
The imperative to enhance early detection efforts is clear, and this is precisely where innovative partnerships between organizations like Therapixel and come into play, revolutionizing the breast cancer screening landscape.  
Challenges in Breast Cancer Screening:  
Traditional breast cancer screening methods, while invaluable, are not without their limitations. Challenges such as the need for highly trained radiologists, potential for human error in mammogram interpretation, and inequalities in healthcare access contribute to delayed diagnoses and treatment. This, unfortunately, compromises the survival chances of countless women worldwide.  
Enter AI: Elevating Mammography with MammoScreen®:  
In the continuously advancing domain of medical technology, AI has emerged as a powerful ally in the battle against breast cancer. For example, MammoScreen, an AI-powered solution developed by Therapixel, is designed to analyze digital 2D and 3D mammograms with unprecedented precision.  
MammoScreen excels at detecting subtle anomalies thereby minimizing false negatives. This translates to more accurate screenings and potentially earlier treatment decisions, ultimately enhancing patient outcomes.  
In addition to improving screening precision, MammoScreen streamlines the mammography workflow, enabling radiologists to allocate more time to complex cases and reducing patient wait times for results. This efficiency is not just a boon for patient experience but is also crucial for timely medical intervention.  
Global Accessibility and Compliance:  
A standout feature of MammoScreen is its scalability. Through Qure’s robust platform, MammoScreen is poised for widespread deployment across diverse healthcare settings worldwide, ensuring that cutting-edge breast cancer screening is accessible even in resource-constrained regions.  
Moreover, our commitment to compliance and data security is unwavering. Qure’s platform ensures rigorous adherence to healthcare data regulations, including HIPAA and GDPR, safeguarding patient privacy and maintaining trust within the healthcare ecosystem.  
Radiologists leveraging AI for tomosynthesis, a more advanced form of breast imaging, can read an additional 700+ screenings per month on average. This not only enhances screening throughput but also enables faster batch reading of screenings, resulting in a significant increase in cases read per hour.  
We just commemorated Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Therefore, it is imperative to acknowledge the strides made in breast cancer screening through AI integration. The partnership between Qure and Therapixel, empowered by MammoScreen, represents a significant advancement in the global fight against breast cancer. With a clear focus on early detection and a commitment to improving healthcare accessibility and outcomes, this collaborative effort is undoubtedly paving the way for a future where breast cancer is detected promptly and treated effectively.  


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