Published 24 Nov 2023

Revolutionizing Outpatient Radiology with's AI Models



Revolutionizing Outpatient Radiology with's AI Models's tech is adept at quickly and accurately diagnosing diseases from radiology imaging such as X-rays, CT scans, and MRIs, highlighting relevant areas in seconds. 
This technology is crucial in outpatient settings, where timely and precise diagnosis is paramount. 
qXR: A Pioneering AI Tool for Chest X-rays 
One of Qure's notable contributions is the qXR tool, designed explicitly for chest X-rays (CXR). 
The US FDA cleared qXR-CTR, a Qure artificial intelligence-enabled chest X-ray solution, for measuring the cardiothoracic ratio (CTR) in inpatient and outpatient settings. 
This tool represents a significant leap in automating CTR assessments on chest radiographs, a vital parameter in diagnosing and managing various cardiac and respiratory conditions​​​​​​. 
Improving Efficiency and Patient Outcomes 
A pilot study conducted by Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust in collaboration with Qure demonstrated the effectiveness of the qXR AI solution. 
This study found that qXR could categorize chest X-rays with 99.7% accuracy, potentially reducing consultant radiologists' workload by up to 58%. T 
his reduced workload allows radiologists to concentrate on more complex cases, optimizing healthcare's clinical and human elements​​​​. 
Enhancing Early Detection and Diagnosis 
Qure's tech has proven its efficacy in early disease detection, which is crucial for better patient outcomes. 
The qXR AI solution identified all cancer cases in the study, including inconspicuous cancer risk nodules, highlighting the potential of AI in early cancer detection and treatment. 
This capability is particularly beneficial in outpatient settings, where early and accurate diagnosis can significantly alter treatment courses and outcomes​​. 
Outperforming Traditional Radiological Assessments 
qXR also demonstrates exceptionally high specificity and sensitivity rates. 
These rates are crucial in reducing false positives and negatives, ensuring patients receive the most accurate diagnosis and appropriate care. 
This level of accuracy is invaluable in outpatient settings, where radiologists often manage a high volume of cases​​. 
Democratizing Healthcare Access 
Qure's AI solutions are not just limited to high-end healthcare facilities but also play a significant role in democratizing healthcare. 
By making quality diagnostics accessible and affordable, especially in areas with a shortage of specialized radiologists, AI technologies like those developed by Qure are essential to achieving health equity across different communities​​. 
As we explore the interaction between AI and outpatient radiology, we are excited to extend an invitation for an enlightening session at RSNA 2023.  
Join us on November 28, 2023, for a thought-provoking discussion led by Dr. Giovanni Lorenz, a distinguished Cardiac and Thoracic Radiologist from DocPanel. 
This session, titled "AI in Outpatient Settings," scheduled for 3:00 pm CST at Booth Session 2, will delve into the cutting-edge ways AI is incorporated into outpatient care, highlighting its role in revolutionizing outpatient services, boosting efficiency, and significantly enhancing patient outcomes. 

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