Published 12 Feb 2024

Support tools to simplify healthcare AI decision-making & activation in the UK

Author: Georgina Wright



Accelerating the deployment of medical imaging Artificial Intelligence (AI) to diagnose patients quickly and support radiology workforces continues at pace.  
Many NHS hospitals are considering radiology AI and are analysing individual challenges, building business cases and exploring AI solution options.   
Advice & guidance across the AI activation continuum 
To simplify the AI journey, Qure’s cross-functional and UK-based team has produced a range of AI activation tools.  
These supportive resources cover the entire radiology AI activation continuum, from guidance on initial planning and decision-making, to business case development, and support on physical deployment within the healthcare facility.  
Latest additions to the roster of NHS planning assets include an AI Value Calculator to scenario plan the financial value deployments can deliver to departments, and an AI Deployment Guide answering key questions facing clinicians and wider deployment stakeholders.  
NHS AI planning resources : 
  • Case studies - sharing best-practices from radiology AI users in various use-case scenarios  
  • AI experience hub – a self-evaluation portal to experiment with AI to help with decision-making 
  • AI clinic – book a 1:1 session with UK team to discuss your challenges  
  • AI value calculator – A bespoke tool that calculates the anticipated return on investment from AI in your department. Available through in-person or virtual Qure AI clinic consultations  
  • News & Views – latest updates on AI in action from Qure’s partnerships with NHS Trusts, Health Boards and teleradiology companies  

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