Published 22 Aug 2023

FDA Clears's qXR-CTR Chest X-ray Solution as a Potential Indicator for Identifying Heart Failure Risk


Back’s qXR-CTR is a deep-learning based software for use by hospitals and clinics for automated assessment of the CTR on chest X-ray (CXRs) scans. qXR-CTR is designed to measure the ratio of the maximal transverse diameter of the heart (CD) and the maximal inner transverse diameter (TD) of the thoracic cavity and calculate the CTR value on posterior-anterior view chest view using an artificial intelligence algorithm., a leading global innovator in radiology AI solutions, has announced FDA clearance for measuring the cardiothoracic ratio (CTR) utilizing its artificial intelligence-enabled chest X-ray solution, qXR-CTR. This remarkable achievement marks another significant milestone for the organization, solidifying its position as a trailblazer in AI-driven medical imaging innovation.
The qXR-CTR is a deep-learning-based computer vision algorithm designed for use by physicians in all inpatient and outpatient settings to automate the CTR assessment on chest radiographs (CXR). Precisely, it measures the ratio of the maximum transverse diameter of the heart to the maximum inner transverse diameter of the thoracic cavity, providing the most accurate indicator of cardiomegaly on plain film. This cutting-edge technology leverages artificial intelligence algorithms to deliver precise and efficient results, saving time for physicians and improving diagnostic accuracy.
The 510(k) summary explaining qXR-CTR’s performance and clinical benefits is publicly available here in FDA’s database


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