Published 29 Aug 2023

AI helps overcome healthcare challenges in Bihar



Tuberculosis rates have been high across Purnia, Bihar. Dr. Alexander Philip who has chosen to dedicate his medical skills to the district, needed as much support as possible to curb TB rates and treat patients effectively. Aided by the Samridh Grant, has deployed its AI solution at CMCH Purnia to help detect TB faster. Qure's qXR is helping address a skewed doctor-patient ratio and demonstrating that cutting-edge solutions can reform healthcare at the grassroots. Download the case study to know more:
In the heart of Eastern India, Bihar's Purnia District tells a story not of its landscapes but of human resilience against overwhelming healthcare adversities. With incomes hovering at a mere USD 5 per month, this region, emblematic of chronic impoverishment, has become the focus of nationwide change through the Aspirational Districts Programme (ADP). A grim reminder of healthcare's staggering disparities, Purnia's tale finds its light in the Christian Medical Centre and Hospital (CMCH), an oasis of hope in an otherwise parched land. 
But as Tuberculosis (TB) and COVID-19 cast long shadows over this district, a new dawn emerges from an unexpected quarter—Artificial Intelligence. 
In a groundbreaking collaboration, the SAMRIDH Grant aligns with, deploying qXR—an AI-powered chest X-ray screening tool—at CMCH. This potent alliance is more than just technology meets medicine; it's hope meeting reality. Within its early stages, over 2,500 X-rays were seamlessly processed, pinpointing 299 TB-presumptive patients—a feat of early detection that has tangible, life-saving ramifications. 
Yet, the reach of this initiative goes beyond clinics and X-ray rooms. Deep into the heart of Purnia, in school compounds and community hubs, qXR is impacting lives, with events seeing children screened and communities educated about TB's insidious threat. With engaging skits and local dialect songs, the essence of medical innovation merges seamlessly with the tapestry of local culture, exemplifying the transformative power of community, technology, and collaboration. 
Purnia's narrative, while specific in geography, reverberates with global significance. It's more than a testament to the marvels of AI in healthcare; it's a signal for what's possible even amidst the most daunting challenges. 
Join us on a journey through Purnia's challenging terrains and witness how AI is not just transforming healthcare but rebuilding hope in the heartlands of Bihar. Dive into a story of innovation, resilience, and progress. 
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