Published 06 Sep 2023

A tale of two cities: AI for Health Equity



In the heart of Maharashtra, India, a narrative of profound disparities unfolds. Mumbai, with its shimmering skyscrapers, stands as a testament to India's economic prowess, while a mere 390 kilometres away, Chinchpada's remote tribal expanse narrates a different story, marked by developmental challenges. Yet, in the shadow of their economic divide, both confront relentless health adversaries: the ubiquitous COVID-19 and the age-old threat of Tuberculosis (TB). 
But a fresh chapter is being written in this story. And it is being driven by innovation and technology.  
Leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), a solution is at hand that transcends these disparities. Enter, with our innovative chest X-ray screening tool, qXR. Supported by the ambitious SAMRIDH Grant, an alliance between USAID and IPE Global, qXR promises to identify signs of TB within minutes. The solution’s efficacy shines equally in Mumbai's bustling clinics and Chinchpada's sparse healthcare facilities. 
Clinicians on the ground, once burdened by an overwhelming patient load, are already testifying to its transformative potential. They are also more positive about being able to impact patient lives for the better. They affirm qXR's transformative prowess, highlighting its promise not just as a healthcare solution, but as a beacon of hope. 
Mumbai and Chinchpada might be worlds apart, but's AI solution seamlessly integrates into their differing clinical settings, demonstrating the promise of technology as a great equalizer. 
Witness a journey where health disparities are being challenged head-on, and the vision of achieving health equity through AI isn't just a dream—it's a rapidly emerging reality.  
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