Published 02 Sep 2022

Determining the Value of AI in Lung Cancer Pathways | Dr Indrajeet Das, Leicester NHS Trust



Determining the role of artificial intelligence in lung cancer pathways is a talk by Dr Indrajeet Das on the various aspects of integrating an AI enabled care pathway to better and faster diagnose world's leading cause of cancer death: Lung Cancer. Lung cancer has a poor outcome primarily due to its late diagnosis compared to other cancers. Coupled with the shortage of radiographers, this could be fatal to many undiagnosed early age patients out there. has partnered with Leicester trust hospital as part of the SBRI Grant to optimally use AI in identifying and triaging normal v abnormal chest X-rays – indicative of lung cancer nodule. This trial primarily looks at bringing down time to diagnosis and thereby improving patient outcome.
Watch the video to know more.
Channel Partners: GE Healthcare, Magentus

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