Published 30 Jan 2023

Elevating Radiology Care with & vRAD



vRad, a leading teleradiology provider in the U.S., has teamed up with to integrate AI-driven solutions in stroke care. This collaboration addresses the urgency required in treating over 795,000 stroke patients annually in the U.S., where each minute is crucial.
A stroke claims a life every 3.5 minutes, so an immediate medical response is crucial. The healthcare industry grapples with challenges such as limited capacity and increased demand for imaging, making quick and accurate decisions imperative.'s AI tool, qER, seamlessly integrates into vRad's workflows. Certified by FDA 510(k) and CE Class IIb, the tool interprets head CT scans, allowing for expedited and confident clinical decisions.
Impact Highlights
  • High-risk cases are identified and reviewed by specialized radiologists within 3 minutes.
  • Monthly prioritization of approximately 4000 head CTs using AI.
  • Significant reduction in turnaround time for both emergent and non-emergent cases
In a recent case at a rural Iowa medical center, a 68-year-old female was diagnosed and treated promptly due to AI prioritization, significantly improving her condition.
The vRad and partnership exemplifies how AI can revolutionize time-sensitive and critical healthcare sectors like stroke care. For more in-depth insights and metrics, download the complete case study.

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