Published 16 Jun 2022

From TB to Universal Lung Health – AI & the power of collaboration



In an enlightening discussion, Kingshuk Misra, Public Health Business Development Lead at, and Matsie Lerefolo, Clinical Manager at LTE Medical Solutions, delve into the transformative impact of's solutions in driving Universal Lung Health. The conversation highlights the critical role of innovative technologies and strategic partnerships in tackling tuberculosis (TB) and other lung diseases.'s commitment to Universal Lung Health is exemplified through their integrated chest X-ray solution, qXR, which is specifically designed for tuberculosis detection. Misra and Lerefolo explore the features and advantages of qXR, emphasizing its potential to revolutionize TB diagnosis and management. By leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms trained on vast datasets of chest X-rays, qXR enables rapid and accurate identification of TB-related abnormalities, even in resource-limited settings.
One of the key advantages of qXR is its ability to streamline the diagnostic process, reducing the time from initial screening to definitive diagnosis. The AI-powered solution assists healthcare professionals in prioritizing cases that require immediate attention, ensuring timely intervention and treatment initiation. Moreover, qXR's intuitive interface and seamless integration into existing workflows make it user-friendly and accessible to healthcare providers at various levels of expertise.
Misra and Lerefolo also emphasize the crucial role of mobile solutions in extending the reach of lung health initiatives, particularly in community outreach programs. By bringing screening and diagnostic capabilities directly to underserved communities, mobile solutions enable early detection and timely management of TB and other lung diseases. The discussion highlights the importance of accessible and portable technologies in bridging the gap between healthcare services and those who need them most.
Throughout the conversation, the power of partnerships emerges as a central theme in tackling TB and other lung diseases. Misra and Lerefolo underscore the significance of collaboration between technology providers, healthcare organizations, and community stakeholders. By leveraging the strengths and expertise of each partner, comprehensive and sustainable solutions can be developed and implemented effectively.
The partnership between and LTE Medical Solutions serves as a compelling example of how synergies between innovative technologies and healthcare expertise can drive meaningful change. By combining's cutting-edge AI solutions with LTE Medical Solutions' deep understanding of the healthcare landscape, the collaboration aims to enhance the accessibility, efficiency, and effectiveness of lung health services.
As the discussion unfolds, viewers gain valuable insights into the multifaceted approach required to address the global burden of TB and other lung diseases. The integration of AI-powered solutions like qXR, coupled with the deployment of mobile screening units and the forging of strategic partnerships, represents a comprehensive strategy for advancing Universal Lung Health.
The conversation between Kingshuk Misra and Matsie Lerefolo serves as a rallying call for stakeholders across the healthcare spectrum to unite in the fight against TB and other lung diseases. By embracing innovative technologies, fostering collaborations, and prioritizing community outreach, significant strides can be made in improving lung health outcomes worldwide.
For those eager to learn more about the transformative potential of's solutions and the power of partnerships in driving Universal Lung Health, the full discussion is available to watch. This thought-provoking exchange promises to inspire and inform, offering valuable insights into the future of lung health management and the critical role of AI in shaping it.

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