Published 18 Dec 2023 TB REACH Wave 11 Support Document



This guide is dedicated to advancing lung health diagnostics through AI-enabled chest X-ray screening, bringing this innovative approach to the forefront of primary healthcare.
Chest X-rays, as recommended by the WHO, are a cornerstone in detecting common lower respiratory diseases such as pneumonia, TB, and COPD, particularly in primary care environments. Despite their widespread availability, the interpretation of these X-rays necessitates specialized radiologists, a resource that is markedly scarce in many global regions. This shortage not only impedes timely diagnosis but also escalates treatment costs and increases mortality risks.
Recognizing the critical need for skilled professionals, advanced diagnostic facilities, and the right technological tools, Qure's TB Reach Wave 11 initiative has been meticulously designed to simplify your decision-making process in selecting the most effective diagnostic tools. Our focus on artificial intelligence (AI) offers a pathway to assist clinicians in expediting diagnosis, thereby diminishing the duration and complexity of both investigation and treatment.
Explore the transformative potential of AI in enhancing your lung disease detection capabilities. We invite you to access our comprehensive support document and join us in this pivotal journey towards improved healthcare outcomes.
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