Published 22 Sep 2022

Impact of AI in treating trauma and stroke patients



When it comes to stroke and traumatic brain injuries (TBI), experts say “time is brain" because avoiding treatment delays can mean the difference between life & death or permanent paralysis for patients. This urgency increases the burden on radiologists.
However, powerful AI solutions like Qure's qER assist in faster detection, risk reduction, and subsequent improvement in the quality of life.
Aarthi Scans and Labs is one of India largest integrated diagnostic chains with imaging centers across India including in Tier 3 and Tier 2 cities. The organization has adopted Artificial Intelligence (AI) in their Tele-radiology reporting. Tier 3 cities usually lack neurologists in hospitals and any trauma cases need to travel for a couple of hours even to reach a tertiary hospital, which is difficult at night. The main aim of Aarthi Scans is to implement AI in their service for the night reads of Non-Contrast Head CTs (NCCT), in absence of a Neurologist or a Radiologist to aid the treatment faster for time sensitive and emergency trauma cases.

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