Published 04 Mar 2024

Transforming Healthcare in Lesotho with AI: A Case Study on Combating Tuberculosis



Discover the groundbreaking strides in healthcare innovation in Lesotho, a collaborative effort led by Partners In Health (PIH), the Ministry of Health of Lesotho, and This partnership exemplifies a commitment to combating tuberculosis (TB) and enhancing healthcare standards across the nation. With Lesotho facing a high disease burden amidst constrained resources, PIH has been at the forefront, implementing innovative solutions to these challenges. 
Addressing the critical healthcare needs of Lesotho, PIH has initiated comprehensive programs focusing on the national diagnosis, treatment, and supportive care for multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB). These initiatives are pivotal in transforming the landscape of TB care, ensuring access to essential services for the most vulnerable populations. is pioneering advancements in TB detection with its cutting-edge qXR algorithm, which has become a cornerstone of community screening programs across seven key locations in Lesotho: Bobete, Nkau, Nohana, Tlhanyaku, Lebakeng, Mafeteng, and Qacha's Nek. This innovative technology facilitates early detection of TB, a critical step in curbing the spread of this deadly disease. 
Since its implementation in July 2022, the qXR algorithm has processed over 6,000 scans, identifying approximately 1,100 individuals with potential TB cases for further confirmatory testing against the Gold Standard – GeneXpert. This significant achievement underscores the impact of leveraging technology in healthcare, offering hope for a TB-free future in Lesotho. 
Explore this case study to gain insights into how strategic partnerships and technological innovation are reshaping healthcare in Lesotho, setting a precedent for global health initiatives aimed at eliminating tuberculosis and enhancing overall health outcomes. 

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