Published 08 May 2023

AI-Powered TB Care in Mon, Nagaland



Brief Overall Summary 
The video explores the deployment of qXR,’s AI-powered chest X-ray screening solution, in Mon District, Nagaland, India, to address tuberculosis (TB) diagnosis challenges in this remote and underserved region. By providing a network-based solution for interpreting X-ray images, the tool significantly reduces the delay in TB diagnosis and treatment, compensating for the scarcity of radiologists and transforming patient care in an area marked by poverty and limited access to specialized healthcare. 
The narrative by Dr. Tinenlo James Katiwa, District TB Officer, begins in Mon District, located in the eastern part of Nagaland, India, bordering Myanmar and Assam. The district is characterized by its remote setting, the poverty of its inhabitants, and a notable lack of access to specialized healthcare professionals, including radiologists. This has historically impeded the effective use of X-ray diagnostics for TB in the area, leading to delayed treatments and adverse health outcomes. 
Key Points 
The introduction of’s qXR represents a groundbreaking solution to the district's healthcare challenges. qXR enables medical officers, regardless of their specialization in radiology, to upload X-ray images and quickly receive TB screening interpretations. This innovation facilitates prompt initiation of treatment for TB patients by significantly expediting the diagnosis process. The video illustrates how qXR has bolstered healthcare workers' confidence in diagnosing TB, leading to improved patient care and outcomes in Mon District. It highlights qXR’s user-friendly interface and effectiveness in enhancing TB screening and diagnostic processes, which is particularly valuable in a resource-limited setting like Mon District. 
The video concludes by acknowledging the profound impact of Qure’s solution on Mon District's healthcare system. It emphasizes technological advancement as a crucial development for patients and healthcare workers in this challenging environment. qXR’s success story in Mon District serves as a testament to how innovative technology can overcome significant healthcare delivery barriers, transforming the lives of underserved populations in remote regions. 

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