Published 13 Mar 2024

Evolution of Digital X-ray and AI from an Implementer’s Experience in Zambia, Malawi, Myanmar and Nepal



Brief Overall Summary: 
The Fireside Chat with Dr. Shibu Vijayan,’s Medical Officer, and Dr. Seraphine Kaminsa, the Senior TB Technical Advisor at Save the Children focuses on their experiences and efforts in combating tuberculosis (TB) and HIV, particularly in children. Dr. Kaminsa shares her journey from medical school to becoming a Senior TB Technical Advisor, emphasizing the use of digital technology and artificial intelligence (AI) in enhancing TB screening and control efforts.  
Dr. Shibu Vijayan introduces Dr. Seraphine Kaminsa and invites her to share her career trajectory and insights into the fight against TB and HIV. The discussion is an in-depth dive into the integration of technology in TB detection, the significance of global health initiatives, and the specific challenges and strategies involved in pediatric TB diagnosis and treatment. 
Key Points:  
  • Dr. Kaminsa was drawn to TB and HIV work during her medical school years, leading to her significant involvement in global projects utilizing digital X-ray and AI technology for enhanced TB screening. 
  • Her innovative use of technology has been pivotal in conducting mass TB screenings in challenging settings like prisons and rural communities, improving case findings and aligning with WHO-approved practices. 
  • She emphasizes the importance of a comprehensive approach to pediatric TB, advocating for the use of digital X-ray technology in screening children, despite WHO guidelines advising caution for those under 15 years old. 
  • Dr. Kaminsa underscores the necessity of integrating TB screening within broader health and nutrition strategies to address the needs of vulnerable groups, particularly children and adolescents, advocating for holistic health solutions. 
 The Fireside Chat concludes with Dr. Vijayan praising Dr. Kaminsa's comprehensive approach to TB control and her dedication to improving pediatric TB care. They express interest in future collaborations to advance TB screening and treatment, particularly through digital technologies. Dr. Kaminsa's work exemplifies the critical role of innovation and partnership in the global fight against TB and HIV, with a special focus on protecting and treating the most vulnerable populations. 

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