Published 07 Mar 2024

Expectation vs. Reality of TB Active Finding



Brief Overall Summary 
Dr. Peter James Kitonsa and Kautuk Trivedi engage in an insightful conversation about the CHASE-TB Study's application of's AI-enabled qXR solution for tuberculosis (TB) active case finding across Uganda. They explore the expectations versus the reality of implementing AI technology in TB screening campaigns within communities and health facilities, emphasizing the significant advancements in both adult and pediatric TB detection. 
The dialogue initiates with an overview of Uganda's initiative to combat TB through the innovative use of chest X-ray technology augmented by's artificial intelligence solution, qXR. This approach aims to screen individuals in 12 districts, utilizing mobile units to extend the reach of TB screening to various community settings. 
Key points 
Dr. Kitonsa outlines the execution of TB screening initiatives in Uganda, highlighting the integration of AI technologies for enhanced TB detection. The conversation delves into the procedures followed for individuals identified as presumptive TB cases, including subsequent sputum tests and laboratory analyses. Dr. Kitonsa praises the AI technology for its ability to rapidly screen large volumes of people, detect a broad spectrum of abnormalities, and significantly contribute to early disease intervention. The discussion also covers the technology's user-friendliness, minimal training requirements, and adaptability to regions without electricity, making it an invaluable tool in Uganda's fight against TB. 
The fireside chat concludes with Dr. Kitonsa acknowledging the pivotal role of's technology and the team's exemplary after-sales support in the successful deployment of AI-enabled TB screening across Uganda. He advocates for expanding the technology's application to pediatric TB screening and enhancing outreach efforts to better serve younger populations. This conversation not only highlights the challenges encountered in active TB case finding but also showcases the tangible benefits and potential of AI technology in revolutionizing TB detection and treatment strategies. 

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