Published 02 Jul 2024

AI Innovations in African Healthcare: TB Diagnostics in Mozambique



Artificial Intelligence (AI) is significantly improving healthcare delivery worldwide, including in Africa. In an effort to eliminate tuberculosis (TB), partnered with Health through Walls (HtW) to implement qXR, our AI-based chest X-ray solution for TB screening in prisons in Haiti. Following this success, the program was expanded to the Central African Republic (CAR) and Mozambique. 
At, we utilize AI to enhance healthcare delivery globally. Our AI solutions manage health data, analyze medical images, and track diseases. A notable success story is in Mozambique, where qXR-driven portable X-ray machines diagnose TB in high-security prisons with remarkable speed and accuracy. “This was the first time it was demonstrated that this AI approach can work in prisons. Now this needs to be scaled up to everybody who needs it, ultimately to the whole country”, said Suvanand Sahu, Deputy Executive Director of StopTB, who led the project in Mozambique. 
TB remains a major healthcare issue, with the WHO estimating that 10 million people develop TB globally each year, yet about three million are not receiving the necessary healthcare. “TB is the biggest killer among all infections, and while global TB incidence is declining, it’s not declining as fast as we would like. AI technology is evolving, and there are many uses for it in healthcare, and reducing the global TB burden is one of them”, Sahu told DW. 
Our solution not only addresses the high incidence of TB but also helps address resource limitations such as a limited number of healthcare professionals, a common challenge in the Global South. With strategic support, AI technologies have the potential to significantly improve healthcare outcomes and foster economic growth across the continent.

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