Published 31 May 2024

Role of Teleradiology in Driving Health Equity



 The discussion features Dr. Llang Bridget Maama-Maime, National TB Manager for Lesotho, and Dr. Afom Tesfalem Andom, Chief Medical Officer for Partners in Health in Lesotho, along with Divya Gupta from They discuss the challenges and advancements in diagnosing tuberculosis (TB) in Lesotho, transitioning from analogue to digital X-ray systems, and the integration of AI to enhance diagnostic capabilities and overall lung health. Dr. Maama and Dr. Afom have been pivotal in implementing Lesotho’s strategic TB plans and improving patient care through technological advancements. 
 Key Points of Discussion: 
• Transition from Analogue to Digital X-ray: Dr. Maama shares her initial surprise at integrating AI with analogue scans and the gradual transition to digital systems, which have significantly enhanced diagnostic processes. 
• Challenges in Implementing Digital Technology: Both Dr. Maama and Dr. Afom discuss the logistical and resource challenges of moving from analogue to digital X-ray systems, highlighting the benefits of digital technology in increasing efficiency and the scope of diagnostic capabilities. 
• Role of Telemedicine and Global Partnerships: They detail how telemedicine has been crucial in providing timely diagnosis and treatment, particularly in remote areas, thanks to partnerships with global institutions like Harvard. 
• Broader Impact on Lung Health: The conversation expands beyond TB to include other lung-related diseases diagnosed through the new digital systems, illustrating the broader implications for lung health. 
The dialogue concludes with both doctors expressing optimism about the future of TB treatment and lung health in Lesotho. They emphasize the transformative impact of AI and digital technologies in diagnosing and managing not only TB but also other significant respiratory conditions, marking a promising direction towards holistic health care enhancements in the region. 

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