Published 15 Jun 2020

Companies That Are Saving The World From Covid-19



Artificial Intelligence (AI) companies globally are stepping up their game to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. One notable company is Airspace Systems, which has released software that monitors social distancing and face-mask compliance without using facial recognition.
Another trailblazer, BlueDot, developed outbreak risk software that alerted customers about the unusual pneumonia cases in Wuhan, China, nine days before WHO's first warnings. Also, AIDoc has received US FDA approval for its CT scanning capabilities that detect and prioritize incidental CT findings related to COVID-19.
Furthermore, Diagnostic Robotics has developed a digital triage system enabling swift containment measures. At the same time, ZOE has partnered with researchers to create an AI diagnostic tool predicting the likelihood of having COVID-19 based on symptoms. Benevolent AI used automated language tools in the pharmaceutical sector to identify potential drugs for treating COVID-19.
Meanwhile, Traces uses AI to trace the coronavirus through non-face physical traits. Cotiviti's Covid-19 Outbreak Tracker predicts potential hidden hotspots. Apixio's AI analyzes unstructured medical data for risk adjustment, and Insilico is using AI to design molecules targeting the viral protein of COVID-19. Lastly,'s chest x-ray product, qXR, received CE certification for detecting common lung health markers, including COVID-induced pneumonia.

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