Published 29 Jul 2021

Post-COVID trends from Indian entrepreneurs



Indian entrepreneurs have weathered the COVID-19 crisis, according to the World Economic Forum.
Digitization, multi-sector collaboration, and localization strategies emerged as significant trends helping them navigate these challenging times.
Entrepreneurs turned to digital services and products, creating opportunities for digitally-enabled startups and expanding job markets beyond metropolitan cities.
Collaborations between government, startups, universities, and civil society helped tackle complex pandemic challenges and facilitated the growth of entrepreneurs’ services.
Government incentives promoted self-reliance and localization, boosting local employment and reducing carbon footprints.
Entrepreneurs demonstrated high societal commitment by volunteering their time and services for social causes.
Further, attention to well-being and resilience was crucial in maintaining their productivity.
Such research offers valuable insights into the strength of the Indian entrepreneurship ecosystem and its potential role in driving India towards a sustainable and inclusive economy.

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