Published 12 Sep 2023

AI-enabled chest X-ray screening for TB & Lung Cancer shows promise



FIT Vietnam has announced promising results from a study on integrated lung health program, for potential TB (Tuberculosis) and lung cancer on chest X-rays, using AI.  
Lung cancer is reported as the second most common cancer and the second leading cause of cancer deaths among Vietnamese in the past decade. The country reported staggering fatalities, touching 23,797 from lung cancer in 2020 alone*.  
While globally lung cancer screening programs are crucial to drive early detection in high-risk populations. This project explores if we can cast a wider net via incidental detection of lung nodules with malignancy risk in chest X-rays with AI. 
Over 31,000 chest X-ray images undertaken as part of a TB screening program were analysed with Qure’s AI solution for suspicious nodules and assessed further at the lung hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City and Hai Phong. After further testing with the gold standard methodology of low-dose CT scans, 35 people were flagged for having suspicious nodule as well and referred for close follow-up for future diagnosis.  
The FIT Vietnam team presented their study results in an abstract presentation at WCLC, Singapore on 10th September. This project was funded by AstraZeneca.  

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