Published 07 Jul 2021

A small hospital in a remote corner of Assam is using AI to detect strokes in tea planters



Seeking to address the urgent need for faster stroke and concussion diagnoses, Assam's Baptist Christian Hospital, in the Tezpur town foothills of the Himalayas, has adopted's artificial intelligence solution for rapid brain CT scan analysis.
The hospital predominantly serves tea plantation workers, a population heavily impacted by stroke—one of the significant causes of death in the region.'s AI-enabled solution, the qER, drastically reduces diagnosis time, providing potentially life-saving benefits.
Rapid intervention is crucial, with strokes leading to millions of brain cell deaths per minute. co-founder Prashant Warrier said the qER could significantly speed up this process.
Dr. Jemin J Webster of Baptist Christian Hospital has praised the technology's efficiency, stating that the hospital has been diagnosing around 100 patients monthly since it implemented the technology in early 2021. anonymizes all data transferred to ensure users' privacy and continuously publishes its accuracy rate, regularly updating its technology.
Recognized globally for its ground-breaking AI solutions, has not only received certifications from the US FDA and Europe's CE but has also been validated by the World Health Organization for its tuberculosis diagnostic software.

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