Published 30 Jul 2020

AI In Heathcare Is Now More Relevant Than Ever In The Battle Against COVID-19



Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become omnipresent in healthcare, evident in commonplace devices like Fitbits that track steps and sleep patterns.
On a grander scale, Mumbai-based utilizes AI to detect 24 markers in chest X-rays, including indications for COVID-19 infection.
"Over the past three years, we've trained our AI to automatically interpret chest X-rays, discerning unconventional from conventional, and identifying the location of any detected negative health markers- all within a minute," says CEO and Co-Founder Prashant Warier.'s algorithm has learned from over 7 million scans to differentiate patterns, explains Rohit Ghosh, founding member at's machine learning solution, qXR, is designed to detect pulmonary issues, including diseases like tuberculosis.
Amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic and testing kit shortage, qXR can rapidly identify and prioritize individuals requiring immediate testing or self-isolation, maximizing resource utilization.
Since its COVID-19 adaptation's launch in March, qXR has been implemented in over 40 locations worldwide, including Mumbai, where the Municipal Corporation has adopted the cost-effective solution to assist frontline healthcare professionals.

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