Published 03 Apr 2020

AI-solutions player to help monitor COVID-19 patients in Italy


Back has introduced an automated chest X-ray solution, qXR, which can swiftly interpret lung scans from COVID-19 patients, quantifying the extent of their lung infection. This technological advancement alleviates pressure from inundated radiologists, who previously had to quantify the infection levels—a time-consuming process manually.
The AI-powered tool can detect indications of COVID-19, such as ground-glass opacities and consolidation markers. It also identifies tuberculosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, lung malignancies, and medical emergencies like lung collapses and cardiac disorders. Additionally, the system localizes lesions and measures infection volumes.
CEO and co-founder of, Prashant Warier, believes using qXR can objectively monitor disease progression in COVID-19 patients and their response to different therapeutic approaches. "Our expertise tackling Tuberculosis has enabled us to develop AI solutions to combat the COVID-19 pandemic," said Warier. He asserts that their innovative algorithm can help ease the workload of hospital staff and help devise the best treatment options for patients at various COVID-19 stages.

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