Published 08 Apr 2024

AstraZeneca,, Aventus and Intellicare Join Forces to Advance Lung Nodule Risk Identification in the Philippines


Back, a global AI solutions provider, and AstraZeneca, a global pharmaceutical leader, have partnered with Aventus Medical, one of the leading healthcare service providers and Intellicare, a top healthcare management and services organization in the Philippines. These organisations are working towards early risk detection of lung nodules in patients by using AI- assisted chest x-ray (CXR) screening.   

Statistics show that early detection significantly improves the prognosis of lung cancer. Majority of lung cancer deaths come from low- and middle-income countries due to late diagnosis and limited care1,2.

In the Philippines, lung cancer was responsible for over 23,000+ new cases in 20223, making it a critical public health concern.

“ collaborates with healthcare organizations such as Aventus Medical & Intellicare for incidental detection of lung nodule risks through AI solution on chest X-rays. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in the battle against lung cancer that we and AstraZeneca have embarked on,” said Prashant Warier, CEO and Co-founder of 
The partnership, led by AstraZeneca, brings together the strengths of pharmaceutical expertise and cutting-edge AI solutions, emphasizing the power of innovation and technology in revolutionizing healthcare. With statistics indicating the profound impact of early detection on lung cancer prognosis, this collaboration signifies a relevant step forward in the battle against this formidable disease. 
“As founding partner of the Lung Ambition Alliance, AstraZeneca is working with a global coalition to accelerate innovation and deliver meaningful improvements for people with lung cancer, including and beyond treatment.  Our pioneering partnership with in the Philippines brings us one step closer in eliminating lung cancer as the top cause of death among cancer types in the Philippines by shaping an end-to-end lung cancer ecosystem solution shifting towards earlier diagnosis and equitable access to cancer care,” said Lotis Ramin, AstraZeneca Philippines Country President.  
By streamlining the lung nodule risk identification process, AstraZeneca is taking one step closer to the goal of screening 5 million patients by 2025 as part of the EDISON Alliance's 1 Billion Lives Challenge by 2025. Aventus Medical and Intellicare have been champions in contributing to this endeavour. 
Aventus Medical is at the forefront of progress and innovation, consistently championing the adoption of technologies. In a world marked by constant change, Aventus Medical embraces the opportunities of the digital era, moving forward hand-in-hand with the evolving times. By harnessing the power of innovation and adaptability, Aventus Medical ensures that patients receive the highest standard of care, leading to improved healthcare and enhanced quality of life. 
“Staying ahead in healthcare technology is central to Aventus Medical's mission, in addition to reimagining patient care for their healthier future. Alongside AstraZeneca and, we are transforming early lung nodule risk screening through AI, pioneering a brighter and healthier tomorrow for patients in the Philippines,” says Dr. Sally Gaspar, Vice President and Medical Director at Aventus. 
Furthermore, Intellicare's commitment to holistic healthcare emphasizes the importance of accompanying individuals throughout their health journey, from prevention to early detection, coordinated care, and cure. With Aventus Medical, AstraZeneca, and each contributing their unique expertise to the endeavour, Intellicare underscores the critical importance of collaboration in achieving their shared objectives. 
“For Intellicare, holistic healthcare is not just about optimizing strategic partnerships towards a more multidimensional appreciation of one’s health, it also means being able to accompany individuals across their journey – from prevention to early detection, coordinated care and cure- we have to be there for those we serve. Evolving technology and tools will definitely aid us in our objectives. More importantly, though, committed partnerships will see us through our mission. Aventus Medical Care, Inc, through their network of strategically located multispecialty clinics, AstraZeneca, through pharmaceutical interventions, and through AI enhanced lung scans, each brings their own expertise to the table, each plays a critical part in this endeavour”, says Gerry Dela Cruz, Senior Assistant Vice President at Intellicare.  
By combining pharmaceutical interventions, AI-enhanced lung scans, and comprehensive healthcare services, the organizations are committed to making a significant impact in the fight against lung cancer. It also sets a remarkable example of how collaboration, innovation, and expertise can create a healthier and more vibrant tomorrow for the people of the Philippines and beyond. 
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