Published 23 Apr 2020

Bolton NHS partners with for monitoring of COVID-19 patients


Back has confirmed its innovative diagnostic software deployment at Bolton NHS Foundation Trust in the U.K.
The software expedites and automates the interpretation of chest X-rays for COVID-19, simplifying the tracking of the virus's progression for healthcare workers.
Bolton NHS Foundation Trust, which provides patient care at the Royal Bolton Hospital and other health facilities, will use's solution, qXR.
This CE-certified, automated chest X-ray interpretation tool can detect findings indicative of COVID-19 and quantify the infection volume, addressing the time-consuming challenge of tracking the virus's spread in patients' lungs.
The deployment comes as tech companies worldwide develop solutions to support healthcare practitioners during the pandemic. U.S. vendors Thirona and Delft Imaging introduced CAD4COVID, an A.I. tool that analyzes X-ray images to aid healthcare specialists, and China's Ping An rolled out its COVID-19 innovative image-reading system.
In February, secured $16M in funding led by Sequoia India to facilitate geographical and product expansion and regulatory clearances.
Fiona Noden, Chief Executive of Bolton NHS Foundation Trust, applauded the incorporation of the latest technology in their fight against COVID-19.
At the same time, Prashant Warier, CEO and Co-Founder of, highlighted the tool's ability to localize lesions, providing a COVID-19 score for prioritizing patients and quantifying disease progression.

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