Published 05 Jul 2021

Can AI take healthcare where doctors don’t want to go?



Artificial intelligence (AI) is stepping up to transform rural healthcare, according to a recent Financial Times podcast. The attack, hosted by John Thornhill, Financial Times' innovation editor, dives into the role of AI in diagnosing tuberculosis in a small Indian village.
In this insightful podcast, the Financial Times' Madhumita Murgia shares how AI technology, developed explicitly by, enhances human perception to help doctors make better-informed diagnoses.
The episode features interviews with Dr. Ashita Singh, head of Medicine at Chinchpada Christian Hospital, and Ziad Obermeyer, an associate professor at the University of California, Berkeley, who provides in-depth insights into how AI successfully bridges gaps in healthcare delivery.
By analyzing patient data and offering diagnostic assistance, AI enables doctors to identify and treat patients they might have missed. This episode heralds a new era of healthcare where AI, like, is becoming a game-changer.

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