Published 19 Feb 2020

CHU de Rennes is experimenting with AI to screen for tuberculosis



Incepto Medical, a French start-up specializing in developing and distributing AI-driven radiology software, has partnered with Rennes University Hospital (CHU de Rennes). The collaboration aims to provide radiologists with solutions for thoracic imaging, enabling them to create their algorithms.
As part of the partnership, Incepto Medical will provide the hospital with qXR®, a solution developed by Indian company Qure AI. The software, which holds a CE marking, automatically detects tuberculosis in lung radiographs.
Integrating these AI tools into medical imaging represents an ambitious stride forward in harnessing technology to improve patient care. The combined effort of Incepto Medical, CHU de Rennes, and Qure AI is expected to set a new standard for radiology in France and beyond.

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