Published 11 May 2020

COVID-19 Puts Spotlight on Artificial Intelligence



As COVID-19 continues to challenge global healthcare systems, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a critical technology in the fight against the pandemic. Biotech companies worldwide leverage AI for drug repurposing, clinical trials, data analysis, and patient medical assessments.
AI's capabilities include rapid analysis of large data volumes and predictive modeling, accelerating research and development. Innovators like BenevolentAI are using AI to identify existing drugs that could treat COVID-19, while others, like Iktos and SRI International, are focusing on new drug candidates.
Amid the crisis, AI's ability to rapidly generate actionable information has increased acceptance within the biotech industry. Ronald Dorenbos, the founder of BioFrontline, highlights the diminishing conservatism towards AI. At the same time, Russ Altman of Stanford Institute underscores the potential of machine learning in drug interaction prediction and 3D structure modeling.
India-based's 'AI-Powered Pandemic Response' provides tools for screening chest X-rays and mapping COVID-19 hotspots. This rapid adoption and application of AI can potentially reshape the future of healthcare, emphasizing its significance in treating and controlling pandemics.

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