Published 24 Mar 2020

Enterprising industry players join the AI-aided fight against COVID-19



AI technology is increasingly becoming an integral tool in the fight against COVID-19, with a wave of innovations from healthcare technology companies promising to aid frontline healthcare providers.
GeneratorWorks, an Ohio-based software and hardware supplier, is joining forces with California telemedicine provider SmartDocMD to develop SecurePass, a digital coronavirus screening software. The tool utilizes clinical algorithms integrating CDC risk-assessment guidelines, patient symptoms, and medical comorbidities to categorize high-risk patients.
Meanwhile, Atlanta's Jvion has unveiled the COVID Community Vulnerability Map, a ground-breaking AI-based mapping system that pinpoints social determinants increasing communities' risk of coronavirus., a healthcare AI start-up based in Mumbai, announced that its chest X-ray automation and interpretation software had been updated with coronavirus-specific detection capabilities. They have also developed an app for monitoring COVID-19 patients and mapping virus hotspots.
Researchers have confirmed the efficacy of RadLogics' AI software that detects COVID-19 in CT scans, which has already seen deployments in China, Russia, and Italy.
Lastly, London's has developed the Red Dot algorithm that quickly flags chest X-ray markers, potentially expediting COVID-19 diagnosis and resource allocation.

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