Published 30 Jan 2023

Transforming Healthcare with Innovative Science: AstraZeneca Collaborates with



Harnessing the transformative power of innovation, AstraZeneca is paving the path for the future of healthcare.
Embracing digital tools and advanced technologies, the pharmaceutical giant aims to address unmet patient needs in a post-pandemic world while ensuring that our health systems are resilient and future-proof.
AstraZeneca realizes this ambition through its A.Catalyst Network, a dynamic global collective of over 20 health innovation hubs.
Collaborating with health tech startups, local governments, and cross-industry partners, the Network aims to address contemporary challenges, improve equitable access to healthcare, and advance scientific innovation.
A prime example of such collaboration is AstraZeneca's partnership with, a developer of deep learning algorithms for interpreting radiology images.
Through its tool, 'qXR,' has revolutionized the reading of chest X-rays, automating the detection and localization of up to 29 markers, including those indicative of potential lung cancer.
As the most commonly ordered diagnostic imaging test worldwide, chest X-rays are pivotal in lung cancer diagnosis.
However, interpreting these images often requires significant expertise and experience, which can lead to missed or delayed diagnoses.'s CE-marked qXR algorithm addresses this by offering high levels of accuracy in detecting lung nodules, thus improving sensitivity by 17% compared to traditional radiologist readings.
In collaboration with, the A. Catalyst Network will further explore the application of deep learning algorithms to identify patients with suspicious radiographic lung markers and facilitate their referral for a confirmed diagnosis.
This partnership will specifically focus on overcoming barriers that limit access to diagnostic tools, aiming to support early lung cancer detection, reduce mortality rates, and improve patient outcomes, particularly in low- and middle-income countries.
In addition to their commitment to the early-stage detection of lung cancer,
AstraZeneca has also launched the 360º vaccine Confidence Building program to improve disease awareness and education.
With a focus on developing nations in Latin America and East Asia, this initiative harnesses digital capabilities to deliver tailored content and create a more informed understanding of COVID-19 among medical professionals and the general public.
The comprehensive program has established a framework that includes a social media strategy, a medical education program for healthcare professionals, and a digital awareness campaign utilizing bespoke educational resources to enhance communication and engagement.
The campaign has successfully identified and engaged with more than 150 external digital experts.
AstraZeneca's innovative partnership with and the 360º vaccine Confidence Building campaign has been acknowledged at the Reuters Pharma Awards 2022.
These initiatives embody the company's enduring commitment to revolutionizing healthcare, putting patients at the heart of their focus.
As leaders in the pharmaceutical industry, AstraZeneca strives for a sustainable healthcare ecosystem, reshaping healthcare approaches better to serve people, society, and the planet, both now and in the future.

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