Published 14 Mar 2020

How Prashant Warier of went from writing algorithms for logistics to solving healthcare issues using AI



Prashant Warier's expertise in artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning is recognized globally. His remarkable journey, however, began in a rather unconventional setting: logistics. Today, his name is associated with pioneering AI-driven healthcare solutions at
Prashant cut his teeth as a research scientist intern at ORTEC, where he developed intricate algorithms to optimize logistics operations. This experience fortified his AI prowess and set the stage for his remarkable career shift.
Transitioning to SAP as a senior research scientist immersed Prashant in deep learning. Here, his interest in broader AI applications blossomed, marking a critical pivot from logistics to a more diverse technological landscape.
An IIT-Delhi alumnus, Prashant's passion for using technology to drive social impact is evident. His roles at Fractal Analytics, both as VP and Chief Data Scientist, alongside his co-founding position at Imagna Analytics, serve as a testament to this dedication.
Now at, Prashant's accumulated expertise converges in the quest to make healthcare accessible and affordable using AI - a trajectory of development implying his current leadership role.

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