Published 03 Jul 2020

How is fighting COVID-19


Back has been pivotal in the global COVID-19 response, leveraging its radiology AI solutions to aid screening and disease monitoring. Initially established for tuberculosis screening, adapted its technology for COVID-19 triage and progression monitoring, offering two keys on a subscription basis.
In the early pandemic days, amid a scarcity of PCR test kits, repurposed its AI X-ray solution, qXR, to detect COVID-19. It identified markers like opacity indicative of COVID-19 and delivered a score based on these findings. When case numbers grew, further adapted qXR to help monitor disease progression, quantifying infection extent to assist healthcare providers.'s expertise in optimizing and deploying workflows, alongside its presence in 20 countries, helped in this quick pivot. It has signed agreements for data sharing worldwide to improve its AI models, with more than 7 million scans in its data access.
In addition, repurposed tools for contact tracing and remote patient management, aiding healthcare systems in managing workload and infrastructure. For instance, qScout, originally for TB screening, was retooled to support remote patient monitoring during quarantine.

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