Published 07 Apr 2020

How is helping Italian doctors test Covid-19 patients



As the global Covid-19 cases surpass the staggering milestone of 12 million, countries worldwide find themselves grappling with an acute shortage of testing kits. This scarcity has put immense pressure on healthcare systems, forcing them to make difficult decisions about who gets tested and when. In response to this pressing challenge,, a renowned leader in healthcare technology, has pioneered an AI-backed solution that could revolutionize the way testing priorities are determined amidst such scarcity.
The innovative approach introduced by leans on the fundamental principle of medical triaging, a process that involves categorizing patients based on the severity of their illnesses or wounds. Triaging has long been a cornerstone of emergency medicine, enabling healthcare professionals to make quick and informed decisions about the order in which patients should receive treatment. By applying this principle to the context of Covid-19 testing, aims to streamline the testing process among large populations and identify individuals who require immediate attention.
At the heart of's cutting-edge technology lies the power of artificial intelligence. The company has developed a sophisticated AI algorithm that can interpret X-rays with remarkable accuracy. By analyzing chest X-rays of potential Covid-19 patients, the AI system can detect signs of lung abnormalities associated with the virus, such as ground-glass opacities and consolidations. This information is then used to classify patients into three risk categories: high, medium, and low.
The classification of patients based on their risk level is a game-changer in the face of testing kit shortages. Healthcare professionals can utilize's AI-powered solution to prioritize testing procedures for those who are deemed high-risk, ensuring that the most critical cases receive immediate attention. This targeted approach not only optimizes the use of limited testing resources but also helps identify individuals who may require urgent medical intervention.
Moreover,'s solution goes beyond just prioritizing testing. The AI algorithm can also provide valuable insights into the progression of the disease in individual patients. By comparing X-rays taken at different stages of the illness, the system can track changes in lung abnormalities over time, enabling healthcare professionals to monitor patient recovery or deterioration more effectively. This longitudinal assessment can aid in making informed decisions about treatment plans and resource allocation.
The impact of's AI-backed solution extends far beyond the realm of healthcare facilities. By enabling more efficient and targeted testing, the technology can help contain the spread of the virus in communities. Identifying and isolating high-risk individuals early on can break the chain of transmission, reducing the overall burden on healthcare systems and saving countless lives in the process.
As the demand for testing kits continues to outstrip supply,'s innovative solution offers a beacon of hope in the fight against Covid-19. By harnessing the power of AI to interpret X-rays and prioritize testing procedures, the company is providing healthcare professionals with a valuable tool to navigate the challenges posed by resource scarcity. The efficient utilization of testing kits, coupled with the ability to identify high-risk patients promptly, can make a significant difference in the battle against this global pandemic.'s AI-backed solution for Covid-19 testing prioritization is a testament to the transformative potential of technology in healthcare. As countries worldwide continue to grapple with the unprecedented challenges posed by the virus, innovative approaches like those pioneered by will be instrumental in saving lives and mitigating the impact of the pandemic. By embracing the power of AI and adapting to the changing landscape of healthcare, we can work towards a future where no one is left behind in the fight against Covid-19.

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