Published 07 Apr 2020

How is helping Italian doctors test Covid-19 patients



As global Covid-19 cases surpass 12 million, countries worldwide are wrestling with an acute shortage of testing kits., a leader in healthcare technology, has pioneered an AI-backed solution that could revolutionize testing priorities amid such scarcity.
The innovative approach leans on the principle of medical triaging, categorizing patients based on the severity of their illnesses or wounds.
The aim is to streamline the treatment order among a large population and identify who requires immediate testing.'s cutting-edge technology harnesses the power of AI to interpret X-rays. It enables healthcare professionals to classify patients as high-, medium-, or low-risk, subsequently prioritizing testing procedures.
As the demand for testing kits continues to outstrip supply,'s solution offers a good answer, assuring efficient use of resources and, ultimately, saving more lives.

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