Published 27 May 2019

Incepto™ and join forces to tackle Europe’s radiology challenges with AI



Incepto becomes first distributor of’s CE-certified diagnostic aids for head CT scans and chest x-rays in France, Belgium and Switzerland
Incepto™, one of Europe’s leading producers and providers of medical artificial intelligence solutions, has partnered today with AI radiology pioneer, Qure.aiThe new distribution agreement will see’s groundbreaking, AI-powered, CE certified head CT scan interpretation and triage aid qER, and its qXR chest x-ray interpretation tool available for the first time in France, Belgium and Switzerland via Incepto.
“4 millions thorax Xray exams and 400 000 head CT scans are performed every year in France. Both procedures are in most cases in the emergency department, in critical care. With many countries facing a critical shortage of clinical and interventional radiologists’s ability to harness AI in order to quickly and accurately read and interpret numerous patient scans is a timely proposition for European radiology departments,” commented Antoine Jomier, CEO of Incepto. “Both solutions can detect critical problems in less than 30 seconds. Here, at Incepto, we believe’s technology is set to be a game changer for doctors and radiologists to save time : we are very proud to be the first to take its products to market in Europe.”
Trained on more than 1.2 million chest x-rays, qXR detects 18 of the most common chest x-ray markers, including opacities, tracheal shift, cardiomegaly and pleural effusion with greater than 95 percent accuracy. It was the first AI-based chest x-ray interpretation tool that received CE certification. Customers can choose a cloud-hosted setup in which radiologists digitize and upload scans to’s servers for analysis, or a locally hosted, on-premise solution that uses off-the-shelf hardware.
Peer validated and CE-certified, qER uses deep learning algorithms to quickly and accurately detect, localize and quantify a growing list of brain pathologies, including intra-cerebral bleeds and their subtypes, infarcts, mass effect, midline shift, and cranial fractures, to reduce the chances of a misdiagnosis. The product includes a triage aid to prioritize radiology worklists and notify when head CT scans with critical markers are detected, a traumatic brain injury (TBI) progress monitoring tool, and a reporting assistance mode that pre-populates radiologist templates to save dictation time.“We’re excited to collaborate with Incepto to extend’s geographic reach into Europe for the first time and clear a path to market in France, Belgium and Switzerland. As both a distributor and producer of its own solutions Incepto has the technical expertise and local market knowledge and contacts to position us for success,” said Prashant Warier, Co-Founder and CEO of continues: “Chest x-rays and CT scans are common and relatively cheap and easy to perform but they’re very difficult for to interpret, with lots of inconsistency and variability. Our solutions serve as a radiology assistant to augment the fast and accurate detection of relevant health markers and thus help highly-stressed, time poor doctors and radiologists to reduce the chances of potentially life-threatening missed diagnoses.”
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