Published 30 Mar 2020

India’s long TB battle has 3 key lessons for fighting the coronavirus



As the world endeavors to mitigate the Covid-19 pandemic, India's experiences battling tuberculosis (TB) offer valuable insights.
Accounting for 27% of global TB cases, India's National Tuberculosis Elimination Program (NTEP) has developed robust measures for infection control, such as precise case identification, isolation, surveillance, and follow-ups.
These strategies, implemented by a large workforce of frontline health workers, can be adapted effectively for Covid-19.
Tools developed for TB treatment adherence, like Sensedose Technologies' Tuberculosis Monitoring Encouragement Adherence Drive (TMEAD) and quick screening tests like Qure.Ai's AI-powered chest X-ray solution, have potential applications in managing Covid-19. TMEAD's reminder system for medication adherence and Qure.Ai's fast-tracking for diagnosis demonstrates how innovative technology can be leveraged in this fight.
Contact tracing, a crucial part of TB control, is also vital in curtailing the spread of Covid-19.
Enhanced capacity building and safety equipment provision for community-based organizations can support expanded contact tracing throughout India. By adopting these proven techniques, we can apply past lessons to the present crisis and collaboratively work towards a healthier future.

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