Published 19 Apr 2023

Medtronic and partner to advance stroke management using artificial intelligence (AI) in India



Medtronic India has announced a groundbreaking partnership with AI innovator, aiming to revolutionize stroke management. This collaboration seeks to integrate Qure's AI-powered solutions into comprehensive and primary stroke centers, connecting them via a 'hub-and-spoke' network. The goal is to expedite stroke patients' identification, decision-making, and triaging, thereby enhancing patient outcomes.
A stroke is a medical emergency that arises from a blood flow blockage to the brain. Timely treatment is often hindered due to a lack of symptom awareness, inadequate patient pathways, and the absence of specific physician training for correctly interpreting CT scans. These challenges can result in increased stroke-related morbidity and mortality. has developed an impressive suite of AI solutions to streamline stroke care. Their qER system quickly interprets head CT scans and other crucial parameters, reducing the usual reading and diagnosis time from approximately 65 minutes to an astounding 2 minutes. This information is synchronized with the Qure app, which fosters efficient communication among multidisciplinary teams across different hospitals.
Michael Blackwell, Vice President & Managing Director of Medtronic India, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership. He remarked that integrating AI with healthcare technology will allow for rapid, personalized diagnosis and treatment, potentially saving lives. The collaboration with further underscores Medtronic's commitment to improving stroke care.
Prashant Warier, CEO & Co-Founder of, echoed this sentiment, stating that their collaboration will enhance the diagnostic accuracy and speed of healthcare providers and improve hospital operational efficiency. This partnership aligns with's mission to leverage AI to improve patient care and promote equitable healthcare.
In India, around 1.8 million patients suffer a stroke annually. Swift treatment within the first 4.5 hours, or in severe cases, within 24 hours from symptom onset, can drastically improve outcomes. Using AI tools to support the entire stroke care process can minimize delays and gaps in care, ensuring that stroke patients receive timely and efficient treatment, particularly in a hub-and-spoke network.

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