Published 30 Mar 2020

Mumbai start-up builds AI-based X-ray technology to help track Covid-19 progression


Back has adjusted its focus to the ongoing fight against the coronavirus pandemic. The firm, backed by Sequoia Capital and operational in 20 countries, has fine-tuned its artificial intelligence (AI) technology to track COVID-19 progression in the lungs through X-rays.
The revised X-ray technology uses AI to identify patterns symptomatic of COVID-19 while also quantifying the degree of lung damage caused by the virus. These auto-generated X-ray interpretation reports assisting physicians in effectively triaging COVID-19 cases, particularly in emergency environments, as per Prashant Warier, CEO of
Despite the assurance of PCR tests as the gold standard for COVID-19 detection, this new application provides a preliminary step in identifying potential patients, helping to compensate for a shortage of testing kits.
Moreover, is integrating this technology in government hospitals across India, as well as in Italy and the U.S. Additionally, they've developed qSCOUT, an app enabling health workers to remotely monitor at-risk individuals' symptoms and facilitate their testing, helping curb the virus's spread.

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