Published 21 Apr 2020

Omans Ministry of Health launches Tarassud+



The apex committee for COVID-19 response and management in Oman has launched Tarassud+, a new advanced health monitoring platform. This was announced in collaboration with the Ministry of Interior and Technology and Communication. The venue, an upgrade of the current Tarassud system, utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to track, diagnose, and follow up on the health of individuals infected with COVID-19 or under quarantine.
Two primary systems make up the Tarassud+ platform. The first is qScout, a contact monitoring and remote triaging program developed by and Al Burkan Company. This AI-powered platform allows for daily monitoring and prioritization of COVID-19 cases, reducing the burden on healthcare facilities.
The second is hMushrif, a medical supervision system developed by eMushrif. It tracks quarantined individuals using a mobile application and a wearable bracelet. The bracelet reports location data and alerts authorities in case of non-compliance with quarantine rules. The bracelet also interfaces with a facial recognition system to automatically identify quarantined individuals.
The system is also integrated with the initial Tarassud system, allowing it to monitor all COVID-19 cases across public and private healthcare centers.

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