Published 06 Sep 2022 and Erasmus MC Launch AI Innovation Centre for Medical Imaging



Leading health tech firm has partnered with Erasmus MC, University Medical Center Rotterdam, to launch the AI Innovation Lab for Medical Imaging. The initial program will run for 3 years and will conduct detailed research into the detection of irregularities by artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms for infectious and non-infectious disease conditions. The goal will be to understand the potential use cases for AI in Europe and provide guidance to clinicians on best practices for the adoption of the technology specifically for their requirements.
Erasmus MC is recognised as a leading innovator in healthcare, pursuing excellence through research and teaching. It will run the Lab, conducting research projects using Qure’s AI technology. The initial research project will focus on musculoskeletal and chest imaging.
“We are delighted to be partnering with, as we see the adoption of AI in healthcare at a critical juncture, where clinicians are asking for expert advice on how best to evaluate the adoption of the technology. In Qure's work to date, it is clear they have gathered detailed insights into the effectiveness of AI in healthcare settings, and together we will be able to assess effective use cases in European clinical environments" said Dr. Jacob J. Visser, Radiologist, Chief Medical Information Officer, and Assistant-Professor, Value-based Imaging, at Erasmus MC. 
Healthcare systems across Europe have faced financial pressures due to the pandemic. Resources are constrained as it is a challenge to recruit specialist consultants and radiologists. Adopting AI can alleviate clinicians' burden and provide adequate early warning systems and ongoing monitoring of irregularities. Qure is already seeing benefits of automated detection of anomalies and progressive detection where AI can provide a more accurate and efficient analysis of tumours.
“Our work to date worldwide has shown many examples of where AI can prove invaluable to clinicians and patients. Our work with Erasmus MC is a critical part of our commitment to provide European clinicians with the validation and best practice they need to give them the confidence to adopt AI. Furthermore, given their global reputation in research for medical imaging and diagnostics, we look forward to producing robust and insightful analysis on the role of AI in European healthcare settings with the team at the AI Innovation Lab for Medical Imaging" said Prashant Warier, CEO and Founder,
Over 3 years of the partnership, multiple radiologists and PhD students will work in the AI innovation centre to generate evidence and publish them in peer-reviewed journals. The team will focus on AI for Chest CTs, X-rays and brain CTs.
Qure's technology is used in over 500 healthcare facilities in 50 countries. It has successfully run ground-breaking initiatives in remote medical diagnostics, such as its mobile medical van programme for Tuberculosis(TB) in Africa, India and Southeast Asia. It is working with Astra Zeneca to integrate innovative artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for the early detection of lung cancer. In addition, Qure has always invested in strong collaborations with premier academic institutes globally, which have helped independent validations of the performance of their algorithms.

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