Published 16 Jan 2024 and Project Data Sphere Combine Big Pharma Insights with Deep AI to Drive Cancer Care Forward



New York, 16 January 2024: In a pivotal stride toward advancing cancer care,, a leader in artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for medical imaging, and Project Data Sphere®, a nonprofit initiative of the CEO Roundtable on Cancer, have announced their partnership to augment tumor assessments using AI-enabled solutions for clinical trials and cancer care. The collaboration aims to increase efficiency and consistency in evaluating the effectiveness of cancer treatments, ultimately improving the quality of care for patients.
The focus of this collaboration is autoRECIST, a product of Project Data Sphere’s Images and Algorithms program. The program, initiated in consultation with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, includes stakeholders and experts from across the pharmaceutical industry and academia. In collaboration with, autoRECIST will address the critical need for automating and standardizing tumor response assessments in medical imaging to enhance cancer treatment and research. Rooted in current imaging guidelines, this AI clinical tool will aid radiologists in the detection, selection, measuring and tracking of lesions using defined criteria.
autoRECIST can improve clinical trials and cancer treatments through:
  • Enhanced efficiency and improved accuracy through the automation of analyzing medical images (such as CT scans) and reducing variability when measuring tumor size and changes over time.
  • Faster decision-making in the assessment of tumor response, which enables researchers and clinicians to quickly determine if a treatment is effective or if changes in care are required.
This collaboration enables the sharing of unique insights, advanced methodologies and access to a broader network of industry leaders, further enriching the development of the autoRECIST solution.

"We are excited to enter into this collaboration with Qure to deliver tools that will streamline imaging-based tumor burden measurements, an important part of both clinical trials and routine care for cancer patients," said Jon McDunn, PhD, president of Project Data Sphere. "The autoRECIST program holds the promise of improving these processes and accelerating the delivery of lifesaving treatments to patients. We are very excited to be working with on this important project."

"Collaborating with Project Data Sphere marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of cancer treatment, harnessing the transformative power of artificial intelligence,” said Prashant Warier, CEO and cofounder of “Our development of autoRECIST is a testament to our unwavering commitment to combating cancer. This groundbreaking AI innovation is set to revolutionize the evaluation of treatment efficacy in cancer patients. With a resolute focus on early detection, we're leveraging our data science expertise to significantly advance clinical trial methodologies, ultimately changing the landscape of cancer care.”
This collaboration signifies a concerted effort by and Project Data Sphere to make substantial advancements in cancer care and elevate patient outcomes. The integration of AI technology into the evaluation process holds the potential to reshape the landscape of cancer clinical trials and generate more effective treatments for those affected by cancer. 

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