Published 04 Oct 2023 Expands U.S. Teleradiology Market Presence with New USARAD Partnership


Back has forged a commercial partnership with the USARAD Holdings Inc. (USARAD), demonstrating its commitment to enhancing radiological decision-making. 
The three-year partnership will focus on the deployment of Qure’s chest X-ray AI software, “qXR.” The solution provides an analysis of chest X-rays, enabling radiologists to make swift decisions, ensure effective resource allocation, and prioritize critical cases by highlighting key clinical markers. 
USARAD is actively adopting AI technologies to enhance reporting efficiency and bolster diagnostic precision, aiming to improve patient outcomes and drive value. The partnership validates Qure’s goal to partner with leading organizations that are at the forefront of embracing AI technology to augment healthcare delivery and optimize legacy pathways. It is also a testament to Qure's growing presence in the U.S. healthcare market, along with its dedication to improving patient outcomes through technology. 
Commenting on the partnership, Prashant Warier, Co-founder and CEO of, said "We are thrilled to embark on this transformative journey into the US Teleradiology Market alongside USARAD. This partnership underlines's unwavering commitment to revolutionizing radiological decision-making through AI innovation. Our qXR software's deployment will empower radiologists with swift, insightful chest X-ray analyses, facilitating prioritization of critical cases and efficient resource allocation. Together with USARAD, we are shaping the future of healthcare delivery and reaffirming our dedication to optimizing patient outcomes through cutting-edge technology." 
USARAD, a Nanox subsidiary, is a U.S.-based teleradiology company with over 116 U.S. certified radiologists in its network, that was formed by a collaborative effort of American radiologists, all Board Certified by the American Board of Radiology, recognizing the need for high-quality, reliable on-call and daytime radiology and teleradiology services, 
“This partnership signifies an exciting leap toward redefining patient care through AI-driven solutions,” stated Dr. Michael Yuz, CEO and founder of USARAD. “With qXR at the forefront, we are not just embracing innovation; we're reshaping how radiologists’ approach critical decision-making, ultimately leading to better outcomes and more efficient resource utilization. This collaboration reflects our shared commitment to driving progress in healthcare delivery and underscores the potential of AI to elevate the standards of patient-centric care.” 
As a recognized leader in teleradiology solutions in the U.S., USARAD's ethos aligns seamlessly with Qure's growth aspirations. The integration of qXR is set to augment USARAD's diagnostic efficiency, paving the way for potential cost reductions, along with swifter and more accurate radiological decisions.   
In the rapidly evolving healthcare tech sphere, Qure’s alliance with USARAD positions both companies at the vanguard of teleradiology, propelling innovative solutions for superior patient care.

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