Published 30 Mar 2020 interprets medical images for rapid diagnoses Startup Stories



As the world grapples with the escalating healthcare crisis brought on by COVID-19, Mumbai-based health tech startup,, is revolutionizing the field with innovative AI solutions. Founded in 2016 by data scientist doctor Pooja Rao, and AI veteran Prashant Warier, the company is tackling the pressing issue of inadequate radiologist availability in India through advanced AI algorithms. These algorithms, developed using deep learning technology, rapidly interpret medical images such as X-rays and CT scans, helping to alleviate the burden on healthcare workers and improve patient outcomes.
Rao and her team spent years fine-tuning their technology to guarantee accurate and swift image analysis.’s services, now deployed in over 20 countries, are instrumental in areas where trained specialists are scarce, prioritizing medical imaging in high-volume diagnostic settings.
With a recent $16 million funding round led by Sequoia Capital India, the company aims to secure clearances for clinical trials, expand its global footprint, and introduce new AI-based diagnostic products.

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