Published 24 Mar 2020 Launches Solutions to Help Tackle COVID19



Healthcare AI pioneer,, recently announced the expansion of its chest X-ray automation and interpretation system capabilities to now include the detection of COVID-19-related indicators. This cutting-edge advancement can significantly ease the stress on overwhelmed healthcare infrastructures worldwide.
Before this, the system could promptly generate comprehensive chest X-ray reports, identifying conditions like tuberculosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, lung malignancies, and critical emergencies, including lung collapses and cardiac disorders. The newly integrated feature will discern findings indicative of COVID-19, thereby providing healthcare professionals with vital insights into which patients require further testing and monitoring of disease progression.
Additionally, has rolled out a groundbreaking app, qSCOUT, designed to aid frontline healthcare providers with contact tracing and remote triaging of COVID-19 patients.
The app allows for smartphone-based registration of patients, remote monitoring, and telehealth service integration. The AI built into qSCOUT can pinpoint outbreak hotspots, improving the distribution of test kits and optimizing the supply chain for health workers and government authorities. CEO, Prashant Warier, affirmed the company's commitment to combating the COVID-19 pandemic and expressed unwavering support for frontline healthcare workers.

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