Published 16 Jul 2021 partners with Healthcare Imaging Services to bring Artificial Intelligence to chest X-ray diagnosis in Australia



16th July 2021, Sydney – leaders in developing deep learning algorithms for interpreting radiology images, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Healthcare Imaging Services (HIS), the diagnostic imaging provider in the Healius Group.
The collaboration will see HIS integrating Qure’s artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to aid chest X-ray interpretation.
HIS has one of the largest networks of imaging centres in Australia and focuses on supplying high quality and comprehensive imaging diagnosis, annually processing close to three million scans. By using an automated X-ray screening technology called qXR from Qure, they will elevate patient care by aiding radiologists to prioritise critical cases, detect incidental findings and lower the chances of misdiagnosis.
The qXR AI algorithm can detect 30 distinct radiological abnormalities from chest X-rays, including lung opacities, nodules, cardiomegaly and pleural effusion. The first AI solution to be CE certified, qXR is now listed as a medical device on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods and has a sensitivity of over 95 per cent. Radiologists can use qXR as a pre-assistance read to separate normal from abnormal X-rays, making sure they get to the critical cases earlier.
Prashant Warier, CEO and co-founder of said, “Partnering with Healthcare Imaging Services is a significant milestone in making a positive contribution to Australia’s healthcare system. We are excited about how our AI technology for chest X-ray screening and interpretation can better the lives of both patients and medical personnel. Early disease detection has always been a critical factor in meticulous treatment, and better clinical outcomes for patients and our AI solution is geared to provide support to Australia’s doctors in both speed and accuracy of diagnoses.”
Dean Lewsam, CEO of Healthcare Imaging Services, is very excited about this collaboration: “This partnership is something as a business we are very excited about. We want to provide faster, more accurate care to our patients and the collaboration between our people across the country and qXR AI algorithm will allow us to do that.”

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