Published 31 Jan 2023 validated on Fujifilm’s AI-enabled platform REiLI®


Back has exciting news - our groundbreaking chest X-ray AI product, qXR, has now been successfully integrated with Fujifilm's AI-enabled platform, REiLI®. This innovative fusion was demonstrated at the latest Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) event, showcasing the full potential of this collaboration in improving diagnostic solutions.
This partnership marries Qure's commitment to making care accessible, affordable, and timely across the globe with Fujifilm's aim of improving patient outcomes.

Figure 1: Fujifilm showcasing their Synapse REiLI capabilities with at RSNA 2022

FUJIFILM Healthcare Americas Corporation, a pioneer in diagnostic imaging and medical informatics solutions, presents an ideal collaborator for Qure. From launching the X-ray film in 1936 to building a comprehensive healthcare portfolio, Fujifilm has consistently evolved to meet the changing healthcare landscape.
Fujifilm's dedication to progress in AI diagnostics is evident through REiLI®, a platform that masterfully blends its image-processing technologies with AI. This open platform enhances the existing diagnostic imaging experience, offering even more depth to their work in digital radiography, endoscopy, and in-vitro diagnostics.
About the software

Figure 2: Sample screenshots of Synapse PACS (AIPF)

Our qXR software, a CE class II certified deep learning technology, identifies and highlights health markers in chest radiographs, providing clinically relevant tags. It complements Fujifilm's Synapse PACS, part of the AI-enabled REiLI® platform.
This combination facilitates the extensive integration of Qure's algorithms, prioritizing scans, flagging results, and enabling immediate reporting of critical cases.

Figure 3: Synapse PACS worklist with AI results

Past collaborations
Qure and Fujifilm share a history of successful collaboration, applying qXR in Fujifilm's mobile and portable X-ray devices. qXR has shown its prowess in detecting TB, COVID-19, lung cancer, and other critical symptoms in various clinical settings worldwide. Qure, Fujifilm, and IHVN (Institute of Human Virology Nigeria) joined forces to deploy AI-embedded ultra-portable X-ray machines in rural Nigeria, screening 30,000 people for TB and identifying over 600 at-risk cases in six months.

Figure 4: qXR v2.0 in action on Fujifilm FDR nano (with heatmap)

Furthermore, our partnership extends to the United Arab Emirates, where we have established a color-coding system within Fujifilm's Synapse Radiology Information System.
This collaboration allowed us to screen around 1.5 million people for TB, with plans to expand into other areas like musculoskeletal (qMSK) and head CT (qER).
Collaboration fuels innovation.
The convergence of technologies like Fujifilm's AI-enabled platform REiLI® and Qure's qXR is poised to transform how physicians prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases with minimal workflow changes and an enhanced AI usability experience.
As we look ahead, we are excited to expand our partnership into new care areas and geographies, reaching out to millions of patients needing better healthcare solutions.
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