Qure.ai validated on Fujifilm’s AI-enabled platform REiLI®


Qure is thrilled to announce that qXR, Qure.ai’s Chest X-ray AI product has been successfully validated with the Fujifilm AI-enabled platform REiLI®. The integration was showcased in its full capability in a recent demo at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA).

Partnership announcement

Qure is on a mission to use technology to enable accessible, affordable and timely care across the globe. This vision drives both our product design and growth and partnership efforts.

As a company with a focus on improving outcomes for patients, FUJIFILM Healthcare Americas Corporation (Fujifilm), is a leader in diagnostic imaging and medical informatics solutions. This makes them an ideal partner for Qure in our work to address the evolving needs of healthcare across prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. Since launching the X-ray film in 1936, Fujifilm has continually innovated to keep up with the ever-changing ecosystem and has built a global presence across their healthcare portfolio ranging from digital radiography to endoscopy, to in-vitro diagnostics and beyond.  

In the past decade, Fujifilm has committed to innovate in the AI diagnostics space, and the AI-enabled platform REiLI® is a testament to this commitment. Through the platform, Fujifilm has combined their existing image-processing technologies with AI to create an open platform that enhances the existing diagnostic imaging experience.

Figure 1: Fujifilm showcasing their Synapse REiLI capabilities with Qure at RSNA 2022

About the software

qXR is a CE class II certified deep learning technology that helps detect and highlight abnormalities in chest radiographs. It can detect and localize suspected abnormalities and provides results as clinically relevant tags. It can identify abnormal and normal chest X-rays and identify the presence or absence of various abnormalities.

A contemporary component of Fujifilm’s Synapse PACS, the AI-enabled REiLI® platform uses open standard APIs to support extensive integration of Qure’s algorithms to bring it directly within Synapse PACS workflow. This allows scans to be segregated and prioritized as appropriate. The results are flagged in the Synapse PACS worklist, which enables immediate reporting of critical cases without the need to get into individual case records. The AI-enabled platform, along with Synapse PACS, has the capability to store radiologist feedback of the AI results to continuously perfect Qure’s algorithm accuracy.

Figure 2: Sample screenshots of Synapse PACS (AIPF)

One example is the AI processed scans in the worklist can be triaged at a worklist level eliminating unnecessary clicks. This can be leveraged to allow workflow variations within radiology departments to reduce reporting time. The various outputs available as part of Qure’s solution ensure that we are readily available for a wide range of viewer needs globally.

Figure 3: Synapse PACS worklist with AI results

Past collaborations

Fujifilm and Qure have a longstanding partnership and are expanding their scope of collaboration. qXR is also applied in Fujifilm’s modality solutions offerings which include  mobile X-ray device (FDR nano), portable X-ray devices (FDR Xair) and is in use in clinical settings to detect TB, COVID-19, lung cancer and other critical symptoms where there are a limited number of doctors.

Figure 4: qXR v2.0 in action on Fujifilm FDR nano (with heatmap)

Qure was honored to work with IHVN (Institute of Human Virology Nigeria) and Fujifilm Healthcare Middle East & Africato deploy ultra-portable x-ray machines embedded with AI in rural Nigeria to optimize TB screening outreach. In a span of 6 months, we were able to screen around 30k people with the help of 38 Fuji Xair machines along with qXR across Nigeria and helped in identifying 600+ at risk cases. 

Qure.ai has also partnered with Fujifilm as part of a TB screening workflow with clients in United Arab Emirates. The duo has established a meaningful color-coding system within Fujifilm’s Synapse Radiology Information System to support radiologists in prioritizing cases with findings from the rest of the normal cases. With the help of Fujifilm, we were able to screen around 1.5Mn people till now and going strong even further by collaborating for other care areas like musculoskeletal (qMSK) and head CT (qER)

Qure believes that collaboration is the catalyst to innovation. The next step in early diagnosis and treatment of diseases is seeing the emerging new technologies coming together. AI is key to enabling integration of imaging, clinical, and molecular data – such as liquid biopsies, to diagnose diseases even earlier. This convergence of technologies like Fujifilm’s AI-enabled platform REiLI® and Qure’s qXR has tremendous potential to help physicians prevent, intercept, and ultimately cure patients with minimal changes to workflow and enhanced AI usability experience

We look forward to expanding this partnership in other care areas and geographies reaching millions of patients meaningfully.

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