Published 07 Jul 2020 won FDA clearance for its AI-powered head CT scanning tool



Mumbai-based AI startup has received FDA clearance for its head CT scan tool, qER, designed to assist radiologists in triaging patients. The AI-powered platform prioritizes urgent cases like intracranial bleeds to improve diagnosis speed and efficiency. Radiologists, who interpret an image every 3-4 seconds during an eight-hour workday, could significantly benefit from's automated detection tool, reducing their workload and improving patient care.
In the context of the pandemic, AI-powered diagnostic tools like qER have gained considerable importance. Startups like and Aidoc have launched software facilitating coronavirus diagnoses, signaling a potential surge in AI adoption within radiology.
The American Hospital Association predicts over $200 billion in losses for U.S. hospitals this year due to canceled elective procedures. Despite tighter investment budgets, hospitals are likely to continue investing in need-to-have AI tools that can enhance diagnostics and reduce costs, both in combating COVID-19 and in resuming elective procedures.

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